Looking for merchandise that will be valued and will promote your brand's eco commitment?


At Honeycomb Agency, we work with our clients to ensure their promotional products send the right message and have staying power.

A quality, sustainable product is a smart alternative to a less expensive but disposable item. The longer your branded merchandise is kept and used, the greater your brand exposure!

Thinking onboarding of staff or clients? Carefully considered products made from renewable resources say a lot about your company.  They say you care about the world we live in; you are progressive and responsive.

The following are just some of the environmentally friendly options available. Thankfully this is a space that is expanding with innovative ideas and creative solutions. If you have something specific in mind or want to talk concepts, get in touch with Honeycomb Agency.


Environmentally friendly drink bottles


Drink Bottles

Honeycomb offer an extensive range of drink bottles to suit various budgets and feature requirements.  Our range of bottles are made from sugarcane, recycled plastics, glass, cork and bamboo materials.

Re-usable cups


Re-usable Cups

An estimated one billion coffee cups end up in the landfill each year in Australia.  That’s roughly 2,700,000 paper coffee cups disposed of each day.  Not only do these stylish re-usable cups reduce waste by eliminating their single use alternatives, they are also made from materials with impressive eco credentials. 


Lunch Break

As re-usable food and beverage accessories are increasing in popularity, Honeycomb is regularly adding more products to this range.  


Tech Accessories

We are surrounded by mobile devices.  Branded merchandise that can offer a solution to a common challenge will be kept, used, and valued.   These items offer increased brand visibility and a reduction in waste from unwanted ‘novelty’ merchandise.



Notebooks, pens and accessories with a more sustainable focus.  Despite the paperless commitment made by many, quality stationery is always in high demand.  Ideal for training sessions and workshops.


Gift and Acknowledgement

Honeycomb has corporate gifts to suit all budgets and occasions.  Check out our selection of classic, popular gifts.  We also offer tech products, consumables, and tailored packs to meet budget, theme, and branding requirements.



It’s helpful to have an arsenal of branded merchandise that is useful, compact and suited to various audiences.